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CAP Money Youth

Teaching young people to budget before they get out into the big wide world seems like a no brainer to us! This course will work perfectly in schools or youth groups.

Stephen Moir, head of community investment at the Royal Bank of Scot-land Group , said “Ultimately, the more exposed young people are to financial issues, and the younger they become aware of them, the more likely they are to become responsible, forward-planning adults who manage their finances confidently and effectively,” he said.










Why CAP Money Youth?

With no money education lessons in the school curriculum, most young people are growing up without any direction on how to navigate their way through one of the biggest challenges of modern society.

CAP Money Youth is set to change all of that. This practical and engaging workshop for 15-17 year olds, teaches young people how to identify income and expenditure, and how to build a balanced budget so that they can live within their means. This course is the first step towards giving our young people the tools they need to avoid the pitfalls of money management.


What CAP Money Youth Teaches

The CAP Money Youth Session aims to teach five things:

  1. The impact of bad money management and being in debt on people’s lives
  2. What Christians Against Poverty does
  3. The importance of building a budget and sticking to it
  4. Techniques to balance a budget
  5. Why living on cash is better than using cards all of the time

The multi-media session is an interactive mixture of presentation, DVD, case studies, exercises and activities to really engage the young people with the content. Our interactive budget builder allows pupils to practice their new skills and see the impact of decisions about spending straight away.

What to Expect

CAP Money Youth is devised by the award winning debt counselling charity, Christians Against Poverty (CAP). The youth course takes the core teaching of our original CAP Money Course and presents them effectively to a whole new audience. The CAP Money Course is tried and tested, and is run in thousands of locations throughout the UK by churches that partner with CAP.


Available to Youth Groups, Clubs, Schools.

Please contact Simone to book a session for your group or to get more information at

Session(s) can be tailored to suit your group.